The people of St. Matt's welcome you and invite you to join us for one of our weekly events!  Whether it's one of our Sunday services in the chapel, a Bible study in the library, a fellowship dinner in the parish hall or celebrating the day the Lord has given us outside in our beautiful grounds we would love to have you join us.

Who are we?

Meet the people

There's no better place to hear about St. Matthew's than from the lips of our members themselves.  We'd love to meet you - and if you don't believe us, just watch! 

Want to see what we're involved in?  Read more on our Ministries of St. Matthew's page.

Why do you love St. Matthew's? St. Matthew's is my home away from home - the meals, the friends, the fun - I feel like a part of God's community here, with these people, at the events, and it's wonderful.


Meet the clergy

Want a preview of some of the faces you'll see up front on Sunday?  Get introduced to our clergy! 

Read more about our clergy, staff, and vestry on our Clergy and Staff page.


Meet the vestry and trustees

Our trustees are:

John L. Knight
Sue Rickman

Our vestry and lay officers:

Bill Davidson, Senior Warden
Norm Hyde, Junior Warden
Bill Seldon, Register
Patrick deFur, Treasurer
Jacob Piersol & Gail Ridgeway, Assistant Treasurer

Robert Bridges ('19)
Heidi Wilkins ('19)
Bill Davidson ('19)
Easton Rhodd ('19)
Pam Goetz ('20)
Lissa Power deFur ('20)
Bill Selden ('20)
Norm Hyde ('20)
John Alley ('21)
Christine Hopkins ('21)
Brad Foster ('21)
Doug Rucker ('21)