St. Matthew's considers itself to be part of a "sent community", commissioned to spread the gospel in our community and beyond.  Won't you join us?

There's so much happening at St. Matthew's to spread God's Word in the world that we can't fit it all on one page!  Our ministries span a wide range of activities that take us from all around the world to all over Richmond and everywhere in between.  For more information on our ministries, click on one of the pages below.

Outreach and Missions

Our Outreach and Missions committees cover most of our activities focused outside of St. Matthew's, aimed at spreading the gospel and doing the work of the Lord wherever we are called.  Our Outreach includes both funding external groups and missionaries in places where St. Matthew's members are not present and also volunteering directly in the work of these organizations.  Our Missions equip members with the tools they need to carry out their own personal ministries and welcome newcomers to our community.

Read more on our Outreach and Missions here.


St. Matthew's works hard to invest our members with the Biblical knowledge and Christ-like understanding to reflect His light in the world in all that we do.  Our members regularly report that the adult education, Bible studies, and special events make a significant difference in their confidence to speak to God's love and to learn more about the bond we have with our Creator.  There's so much to learn - join us for an event and leave knowing more about our God!

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The first churches met in houses in secret, barely able to contain their excitement and love for the Lord.  We're blessed to be able to meet and spend time with each other openly, and we do it all the time!  We have committees for building our community and for helping each other in our times of need. 

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Kids and Families

St. Matthew's is a great place for kids and families of all shapes and sizes.  We have many programs and events for kids and families to learn, grow, enjoy, and share with friends!  

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Our music program makes a joyful noise for the Lord nearly every day of the week!  From the soaring organ to the beautiful harmonies of the choir, we love listening just as much as they love playing and singing.  Even if you don't want to join in, come enjoy the gifts the Lord has given them with us!

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Administrative Committees

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much..." - help us take care of the resources God has entrusted to our care!  It takes many committees to keep the lights on (and the roses pruned, the accounts in order, the website running, the library stocked...) and we can always use an extra set of hands.

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