Ready to be a bright light and salty salt for Jesus?  Everyone at St. Matthew's and all of our visitors are encouraged to get involved in one or more of our outreach and missions to use their talents for Christ.  Don't see something you would be interested in doing?  Talk to a vestry or staff member and help us expand the reach of St. Matthew's into our community!

Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee makes recommendations for St. Matthew's outreach funds to be deployed in Richmond, the United States, and around the world. St. Matthew's currently supports a range of missionaries and organizations, including:

  • Boy's Home, Inc. (Covington, VA)
  • Pregnancy Resource Center (Richmond, VA)
  • CrossOver Ministry, Inc. (Richmond, VA)
  • Gideons International (Richmond, VA)
  • Church Hill Activities and Tutoring (CHAT) (Richmond, VA)
  • Elijah House Academy (Richmond, VA)
  • The Shepherd's Center (Henrico Co., VA)
  • Westminster Canterbury Fellowship Fund (Richmond, VA)
  • First Things First (Richmond, VA)
  • Interfaith Services of Henrico County (Henrico Co., VA)
  • Needle's Eye (Richmond, VA)
  • Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative (Richmond, VA)
  • Area Congregations Together in Service (Richmond, VA)
  • Richmond Center for Christian Study (Richmond, VA)
  • Trinity School for Ministry
  • Anglican Frontier Mission (AFM)
  • Langano Harvest Foundation

Missions Committee

The purpose of the Mission Committee is to equip and provide opportunities for every member of St. Matthew’s to be active in mission ministry. Besides overseeing short-term missions trips (such as our trip to Cherokee, North Carolina with Mission to the World), the committee also serves as our liaison to CHAT and AFM. Interested? We've just scratched the surface! Fill out the form below if you'd like to learn more about the committee and serve on the front lines of our mission to the community!


CARITAS is one of our most popular ministry opportunities, and we look forward to hosting a week of fellowship and services with CARITAS after the completion of the new bathrooms in the parish hall. If you'd like to get involved before then, please fill out the form below!


Who was that friendly face you met when you walked into church last week? Must have been one of our lovely greeters! They're posted at all three doors to the main sanctuary at the 10:30 service to answer questions, locate forms and flyers, and to help in any way they can to help our members worship comfortably every week.

New to St. Matthew's? Ask one of the greeters for a welcome packet, which not only has information about St. Matt's but now has a full copy of the entire worship service. It's never been easier to worship at St. Matt's!


The Newcomer's committee seeks to continually find new ways to welcome new visitors and support those formally joining our church. If you h ave any ideas, let us know below!

We need your talents!  Sharing God's Word in the world is a job for ALL of us - tell us where you want to help!

 Outreach Committee
 Missions Committee