Adult Sunday School for Winter 2017

Adult School Programs this winter -

February 18th - In Genesis 12 we read about Abraham being called by God to an uncertain journey. You are invited to join the Adult Sunday School Class in the Parish Hall as we look at how Abraham’s call is a metaphor for our Lenten journey.

February 25th - We often view Lent as a time of preparation for Easter. By looking at God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 15, we will consider how Lent is also a promise of Easter. Please join the Adult Sunday School for this insightful study.

March 4th - God shows up in unexpected ways and times. This week will look at how God showed up to Abraham through a study of Genesis 18 . Please join the Adult Sunday School class in the Parish Hall for this study.

March 11th - The story of Abraham is that of God choosing to bless the nations through a son. The problem we face is which son, Ishmael or Isaac? In our study of Genesis 21, we will examine how the narrative of being “chosen” as it relates to our Lenten journey. Please join the Adult Sunday School class in the Parish Hall for an understanding of this passage.

March 18th - Genesis 22 is the story of a difficult choice that Abraham made. It is the story of his obedience when God commands him to sacrifice Isaac - the son God had promised him. This week we will consider the parallels between Abraham and Isaac’s test and the history of Easter as well as God’s work in our lives.

March 25th - Our study of Abraham: A Journey Through Lent concludes this week. We will be looking at Genesis 26 to see the meaning of Abraham’s legacy for our Lenten journey. Next week is Easter Sunday so there will be no Sunday School. We will begin a new series on April 8th.

April 1st
Easter Sunday - there will be no Adult Sunday School today. Please join us next week as we begin a new series on Questions in Genesis taught by Tony Bolos.