St. Matthew's is a busy place!  From our heartfelt worship to our lighthearted fellowship events you're sure to find something interesting coming up soon on the calendar.  There are many different ways to see what's going on at St. Matt's, and even a way to download calendars to your phone.

Calendar Overview

All of the calendars mingle together in the space below like a lovely fellowship potluck in the parish hall.  This is a great way to get an overview if you're new to the church, or if you are a regular who is looking for something to do this week.  If you have any questions, click into one of the events for more information.  If you still have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to anyone on the Contact page.


Google Calendars

We maintain four separate calendars in order to group the events by theme.  You can view each calendar online by clicking 'View Online' or download them to your phone by clicking 'Download Calendar - Stay Updated!'.  The calendar to download will stay updated as we add events or change times, so be sure to get connected now!


The fellowship calendar contains all of our potlucks, festivals, fundraisers, family events, and special events of every kind.  This calendar has most of our non-recurring events, so this one will be the most helpful to keep on our phone or other calendar-syncing program!

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This calendar has our weekly services and adds in special events taking place in our sanctuary that are worship-focused.  These include special holiday and music services, as well as one-off events meant to enrich our worship of our Lord and Savior.  See you there!

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Bible Studies

Now there's no excuse to finding a St. Matthew's Bible study that works for you!  Some of these take place at St. Matthew's, whereas others have significant St. Matt's attendees and a contact person from our church if you'd like to know more.  Try them all!

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Committee Meetings

Having trouble remembering your Vestry, Finance, or Adult Education meeting?  This is the calendar for you.  Checking this calendar can also help you find a new committee that fits in your busy personal schedule.  If you find one you would be interested in attending, click the event to get more information.

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